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Asiajuris is a network of independent law firms in Asia
Asiajuris is an affiliated member of Eurojuris International.

Welcome to Asiajuris.

A network of Asian law firms offering local representation and direct legal advice.

Asiajuris, is an association of Asian law firms and legal consultancies located throughout Asia, which is an affiliated member of Eurojuris.

It spans over 48 countries throughout Asia, covering an area with some of the fastest growing economies, biggest cities and globally active business corporations conglomerates.

Asiajuris members are full service firms, providing highest calibre of professional services clients need, with a cross-cultural understanding.

The members extend their services through the help of other members, allowing them to tap into expertise outside their own country or field of expertise.

Eurojuris Congress 2019 - Frankfurt

October 10 -13, 2019

The Eurojuris Congress takes place every year in October. This year, we welcome you to Frankfurt. Meet with your colleagues while enjoying the city’s great diversity: banks and big business, trade shows and shopping, culture, cosiness and traditions. One thing is certain: The Main metropolis has something for everyone!

Asiajuris Conference - Bangkok 2020

February 20 - 22, 2020

The Asiajuris Conference February 2020  [New] June 4-6, 2020 is going to take place in the beautiful Anantara Riverside Resort in Bangkok. The nicely located resort provides the ideal place, to bring together the members of Asiajuris and the participants from other chapters of Eurojuris to discuss and fathom legal topics relevant to the Asian market.

The three days conference will include various presentations by speakers from all over Asia, but will also give an opportunity to learn more about the city’s great diversity getting first-hand input from the local organisers about places to visit, culture and traditions.


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Eurojuris Congress 2020

Edinburgh, Scotland on May 7, 2020

Asiajuris Conference Bangkok 2020

Bangkok, Thailand on June 4, 2020

Jurismus Congress – Frankfurt 2020

Frankfurt, Germany on June 13, 2020

Kamthorn Ounhirunskul

10 February 2020

Dear Members and Friends of Asiajuris,

The interest in the Asiajuris Conference 2020 in Bangkok has exceeded our expectations in various parts of Asia. The excitement reached Europe resulting in many people signing-up despite the long travel.

Unfortunately we are facing some challenges, that we can’t overcome with just enthusiasm and organisation skills: As you all are aware the outbreak of the Novel 2019 Coronavirus not only affects the life of people in China with travel bans and flight cancellation, it has now started to spread to the neighbouring countries and, among others, reached Thailand whereas of now it has already affected many people. We sadly have to assume, that the number of infected people in Thailand may increase further and that the authorities will have to start taking more stringent measures to avoid an outbreak.

We have to expect further limitations of travel and in the worst cases even quarantines by neighbouring countries.

Phone calls with our members in Asia gave us a clear indication, that only a small number of them is ready to travel given this difficult situation in their areas. The board of Eurojuris is looking at the situation as well and will re-evaluate the situation this coming week, deciding, whether the members of the board shall join or not.

We have spoken with the hotel operator as well: They agree to cancel bookings before February 12 without penalty. After February 12 a penalty will be charged.

Given the uncertainty and development regarding the spread of the virus in the region, the small number of Asian lawyers that is ready to join the conference under these circumstances and the deadline given by the hotel, we decided to postpone the Asiajuris Conference 2020 for a later date, probably the first weekend in June. We expect the virus outbreak to be contained and travel restrictions to be lifted by then.

This is not an easy decision, but we have had to take into consideration the well-being of all the participants, considering the main target which was to have a conference with  strong participation from Asia and Europe.

We understand, that this decision may be a disappointment to many of you and may cause you additional work and costs to cancel hotel bookings and change flights. The only thing we can do is to promise you, that we will put even more energy into the conference later this year and that we will make this the highlight of 2020.

Thank you for understanding.

Good health and best regards,

Kamthorn Ounhirunskul
Asiajuris President